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What my clients say.....

"I would highly recommend Janet as a homeopath. She is perceptive and empathetic, and also thorough and very knowledgeable. She responds quickly, usually same day to queries by email and provides phone consultations for problems cropping up between appointments. I recently had an emergency, and felt very reassured at her prompt and quick response with treatment ideas. I have had a longstanding health problem, and I feel her thoroughness has brought me very close to relieving it. I never feel rushed at appointments, she is patient and takes time to really listen.

I hope she never retires, as I would be lost without her!"


"For the past few years I'd been having unbearable migranes that were becoming stronger and more frequent as time went by. I had talked to doctors trying to figure out what was causing them and did inumerous exams all saying everything is normal and all I could do was take painkillers. I didnt want to disguise the pain anymore and I wanted to get rid of the migrane once and for all. So I looked into homeopathy and found Janet, who had me think of me and all about my way of life, getting me back on my "real me" track. In a few months of treatment the migranes were if not completely gone, a lot less frequent and incomparably milder. In this process I've had old conditions coming back and slowly getting under control as well, which makes me feel homeopathy as a helping hand for the body to clean itself. And I am extremely grateful for it."


“After trying various steroid creams and moisturising lotions over many years, nothing seemed to clear up the eczema that I had been suffering from for a few years.  I spent hundreds of pounds over the years on various so called “miracle” creams but they never helped.  I decided to visit a Homeopath and came to see Janet.  After just three appointments with Janet the treatment received cleared my eczema up completely and that was over two years ago now.  I am now visiting Janet for another problem and have no doubt that this too will be cleared up in time.  I cannot recommend her enough”


I would like to recommend Janet's homeopathy work as we have found it to be very beneficial for the family. She gives time for you to explain what is going on and she is brilliant at listening and being empathic. We use the gp service when absolutely necessary but prefer to use homeopathic remedies where ever possible as it works so well and without side effects. Janet is second to none and you will not be dissapointed when you come away from an appointment with her. Her work is holistic and gets to the root cause and so, is longer lasting.


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