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Supervision of homeopathy students

I've been working as a clinical supervisor since 2019 when became part of the School of Homeopathy's Supervision Network having completed the recommended course on supervision with Sheila Ryan. I love this work! It brings together my passion for homeopathy and my previous experience in education. And I find that as I work alongside students making their journey to become independent practitioners I continue to learn so much myself in the process!

Moving into clinical practice is a challenge. After 2-3 years of study, you will be thoroughly prepared but it can still be a little bit scary (at least it was for me!). As a supervisor I’d like to walk your path with you: I’ll give you support when you need it but will blend into the background and enjoy watching you when you’re walking forward by yourself! My aim will always be to encourage you to develop your own style of case-taking and receiving and to grow confident with the tools of synthesis and analysis that suit you best. I see supervision as a collaborative process and will encourage you to explore your work reflectively.

In my own practice, I use different ‘tools’, maps and methods to prescribe for my clients including repertory, thematic approach, SRP, kingdom, and sensation drawing on the firm foundation of my study at the School. I find that just as homeopathy individualises each person and their symptoms that I need to individualise the tools I use to analyse their case depending on what they bring to the consultation. Since leaving the School I've continued developing my understanding and knowledge through CPD. I love the fact that the learning continues from year to year. I particularly benefitted from being part of a study group with Graz Baran for 3 years when I first graduated which focused on the Joshis’ approach to ‘Sensation Method’ and the 'kingdom approach'. I really like Sankaran’s 8 Box Method and feel my prescriptions are strongest when a number of different tools and maps point me to the same remedy.

My experience in education has spanned nearly 30 years and includes many different roles. My teaching career began in a wonderful, radical, successful and fairly unique mainstream secondary school that fostered my developing philosophy and ethos of education that it should be individualised and personalised and that it should foster independence and creativity (recognise any similarities with homeopathy?!). I next worked in ‘special needs education’ and then as a mentor in an online education system for young people who were unable to access mainstream education. I am now a tutor for the School of Homeopathy on both the Home Study and Attendance Courses. I love this work! I was fortunate, in my own homeopathic education at the School of Homeopathy, to experience a system of learning that nurtured me and encouraged my creativity and learning. I endeavour to pass this on to the students I mentor and supervise.

Finally, I’m happy to supervise either face to face in Devon and Cornwall or by Skype further afield.

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